Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How to Cat Proof Your House


Before you pick the perfect feline for your family, you must prepare your home so it is a safe place for your pawed pet to live in and explore. Follow these steps to cat proof your house.

  • Put the toilet lid down so your cat doesn’t fall in. Young, old, and injured cats are susceptible to drowning.

  • Keep medications and toxic cleaners in a secure place and get rid of poisonous plants. If your cat is allowed outside or in the garage, lock up lawn and garden chemicals, paint, pest poisons, and antifreeze.

  • Install child-proof latches on all the cabinets and drawers in the house.

  • Don’t display fragile objects. If they get knocked over and break, your kitty may step or chew on the shattered pieces.

  • Put the trash away. Keep trash bags and other plastic bags in a safe place because they are suffocation risks.

  • Unplug and bundle electrical cords and keep curtain and blinds cords out of reach.

  • Make sure your screen doors and window screens are sturdy so your cat can’t get out.

  • Check the dryer, dresser drawers, and other dark places for your cat before closing them. Keep them closed so your cat can’t hide inside.

  • Remove tablecloths and table settings to prevent a curious kitty from making a messy, dangerous disaster.

  • Avoid using candles. Your cat can easily catch on fire or knock the candles down.

  • Properly store yarn, floss, fishing line, rubber bands, and other string-like items so your kitty doesn’t eat them.

Your cat will be healthy and happy in such a safe environment with loving people. To learn more about a veterinarian for cats in San Jose, visit this website.

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