Monday, 15 June 2015

A Dog Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend, but is a dog the right pet for you and your family? Considering how many millions of animals end up in animal shelters every year, it’s important to research the responsibilities of ownership and what you can expect when you welcome on into your home. Here are some great reasons why you might want to own one of these great pets.

Dogs are loyal and protective. Since they are naturally social animals, their emotional bond to you is a strong and lifelong one. You will always be the most important thing in your dog’s life. This is why these animals provide such great companionship; you are never alone, from a fishing trip to a quiet evening at home.

Dogs encourage people to interact with each other, too. They can enhance your social life by making it easier for others to approach and talk to you. Many clubs and public areas like parks are specifically for people who own pooches to meet and socialize.

Since these animals need to get outside and walk, you will also increase your activity level and get more exercise. Not only can this improve your health and agility, but you will have more fun in your life while doing it because they are comical and love to play when they are outside. Along with that, they help you to relax and reduce stress. They comfort you when you are upset, and encourage leisure enjoyment of life.  Studies have shown that dog owners had lower blood pressure and fewer heart attacks. This is probably a combination of extra exercise and stress reduction. They are known to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and mental acuity. Having a companion around that never judges you, allows you to lead, and keeps you motivated can be a major mental boost.


On a more serious note, they are an invaluable part of your home security system. Their acute senses detect the unwelcome and give you ample warning. These animals also teach you to be responsible because you must consider their needs just like any other member of the family. This is a good lesson for children in the home to learn, but it’s also a great way for adults to decide if they are ready for a child.

While owning a dog is a big responsibility and a long-term investment, the rewards of this loyal companion are beyond calculating. You may visit this website if you need an emergency vet in San Jose for your pet care.

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