Thursday, 25 June 2015

Keep Your Chinchilla Health and Happy With Regular Baths

Chinchillas require very specific and unique care that differs from other household pets. In particular, you cannot give your chinchilla a water bath like other pets because their heavy coats are impossible to air dry and can produce fungus and fur erosion. Below is some important information on how to bathe your pet.

Purchasing Dust

In the wild, volcanic rocks are eroded into dust, which chinchillas collect in their fur. The dust then absorbs dirt, oils and other particles, leaving the fur clean. Because the dust found in the wild is unique, it is important that you purchase the appropriate dust from a respected retailer. The dust should be collected naturally and contain no added chemicals that could harm your pet.

Selecting a Container

When looking for a container for your chinchilla’s bath, you can use a non-tipping bowl or deep dish. However, a fish bowl or a specifically designed bathing house may be more adequate. Your chinchilla is likely going to bathe excitedly, and you want to prevent a larger mess than necessary. Therefore, a more enclosed container will keep your home cleaner.

Bathing Your Chinchilla

Once you have gathered the appropriate tools, you can bathe your chinchilla two ways. First, after purchasing a dust house, you will fill it with approximately 1 inch of dust. Then you will gently remove the chinchilla from its cage and place it in the bath. Secondly, you can fill the bathing container with dust and place it in its cage. This is likely cleaner and less stressful for the pet.

Ultimately, to keep your chinchilla clean and healthy you should offer the bath twice a week for 10-15 minutes. Regular baths will keep your pet’s fur soft and beautiful. For more information on a veterinary clinic in San Jose, click here.

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