Thursday, 25 June 2015

Protecting Your Cat With Important Vaccinations

When you bring your new adorable kitten home, he or she instantly becomes a part of your family, and you want your cat to live a long healthy life. Vaccinations are an important part of supporting your cat’s longevity. Overall, veterinarians agree that there is a set of core vaccinations that are important to all cats, and it is important that you complete them when recommended.

Panleukopenia Vaccine

Panleukopenia or feline distemper is highly contagious among cats and kittens as well as raccoons and minks. It can result in vomiting, fever and other symptoms. The disease is most harmful to young kittens and can result in serious life threatening symptoms. You should have your kitten vaccinated within their first year of life.


Rhinotracheitisand Calicivirus are respiratory diseases that are easily spread throughout the feline community. Once infected, your cat will be a lifetime carrier and will demonstrate symptoms intermittently during their life. The disease can eventually become fatal if respiratory issues increase. For example, Calcivirus can result in pneumonia. This vaccination should also be given within the first year of life.



Rabies is one of the most recognized diseases spread in nature, and it is not only a risk to your cat but also a risk to your family. Rabies is easily transmitted through animals, but the vaccination is highly effective in protecting your cat and ultimately your family.

The above are the most important core vaccines and are highly recommended among vets. Once you have completed these vaccines, you will also want to discuss other non-core vaccines that are important to your specific cat. For more information on cat care in Morgan Hill, click here.

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