Thursday, 25 June 2015

When is it Time to Get Your Pet's Nails Trimmed?


Just like human fingernails, dog nails and cat claws grow constantly. Nails wear down naturally through play and walking, so there’s not always a need to trim them. Sometimes though, you’ll need to intervene.

Factors That Can Impact Nail and Claw Length

There are several things that can play a role in how long nails and claws get, including:

  • Physical activity level
  • Breed
  • The pet’s age

Determining the Appropriate Time for a Trim

When a dog’s nails are too long, they’ll make a clicking noise when the canine walks on hard surfaces. Also, nails that are the proper length should not touch the ground when the pet is standing, nor protrude over the toe pads.

Unlike the noise you might hear when a dog with overgrown nails walks on hard floors, there’s not usually a similar audible cue with cats. Instead, watch your cat carefully to see if the claws are repeatedly getting snagged on soft surfaces like carpet, or even your clothes. If your can feel your cat’s claws when it is sitting on your lap, that’s another sign it might be time for a trim.

Why Trimming is Important

A dog with overgrown claws may be prone to infections that can cause pain and other complications. Similarly, a cat may find that the claws turn back on themselves and puncture the paw pads. To learn more about a veterinary clinic in San Jose, visit this website.

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